❄ the match girl

Kensho: Oh, it’s 2000 in the next tweet (‘· _ · `)
What should i do (´・_・`)!

Me: *sents a “suggestion” tweet*

Kensho: Nobunaga-kun! !

Happy birthday (^ o ^)
Take care of me from here on too!

your present, my 2000th tweet (‘▽ `) LOL


Zakki: Kensho-san! Thanks for the nice present!! same here, Take care of me from now on too!


now i don’t want to assume anything. maybe this is just a pure coincidence or maybe he really have read it since no one has replied to Kensho’s 1st tweet other than me. but nevertheless, i really got a laugh on this one! i was so high i could dance like a drunkard Morgiana!

at least Kensho’s 2000th tweet was put in good use! wwwww 

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